My life revolves around design and music. I studied in Madrid jazz music and graphic design at the Escuela de Arte 10, where I graduated in 2009 with honors. I have worked for different graphic design studios since 2009 like Bürø and the digital agency Pixel Farm, doing branding, print, editorial & web design works for brands such as Loewe, Sabrina Amrani Art Gallery,  Amaya Arzuaga, Guerlain, etc.

In 2014, I made a twist in my life and I decided to move to New York, starting my professional career as a freelance. There I had the opportunity to be in touch with the musical and audiovisual environment, collaborating as a designer in different works for music bands, film projects, festivals, and artistic events. In 2015, a cold wave took me from New York to Mexico, where I continued working on various audiovisual projects, until 2016 when I moved to Ibiza. From then until now, I lead the graphic design department and social media management of Las Dalias and Boho House (Ibiza). In 2016, I launched my own brand Bembe Project where I explore with design, using artisan techniques such as screenprinting. I currently work for clients in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Ibiza, New York, Berlin, and Mexico City.